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Envy - Full-day workshops

Envy: Envy as Hunger, as Destruction of the Good, and as Inhibitor of Love and

Creative Self expression (Loss of Voice), and Envy as the projected Evil Eye

In that ďeternal nowĒ moment of Envy I am so consumed by wanting to be you that anything and everything I have, that Iíve achieved, that Iíve constructed and created, is totally and violently forgotten within my mind!  I am totally inside of being you, and hating you at the same time for having what I feel so vividly to be all Iíve ever wanted.  And it seems like youíve gotten it all without any effort, effortlessly, while I trudge through the road of struggle!  Whatís more I canít even imagine in this moment ever being able to get there myself.  I canít imagine it without magically transforming myself into you!  You have it all.  I just want to be you!  - Dr. Susan Kavaler-Adler.

             How does one interpret envy, when it can feel like a put down if pointed out to anyone?   Envy can be at the core of masochism, narcissism, paranoia and schizoid mechanisms. Melanie Klein spoke of it as the destruction of the good, and she implied the voracious and insatiable hunger in it by speaking of oral envy in particular.  How is this related to trauma?  How is this related to parents with disowned envy that is expressed in both subtle and not so subtle forms of contempt that can then be mimicked in the profound identifications of children?  Both Melanie Klein and D. W. Winnicott struggled with the destructive and self destructive aspects of envy and how to modify them through making them conscious.  This workshop will expound on these ideas as well as on the ideas of Peter Shabad as the childís fantasy of the parentís evil eye and how it can be seen in psychoanalytic cases by Dr. Kavaler-Adler.  Dr. Kavaler-Adlerís cases and ideas will be interspersed with the seminal ideas of Klein and Winnicott, and the more recent ones of Peter Shabad. 

Lecture and discussion will take place in the morning of the workshop.  Then in the afternoon, Dr. Kavaler-Adler will engage all workshop participants in a personal and group experience journey through her skilled use of a psychic visualization.  The psychic visualization will be used to promote internal dialogues both about oneís own envy and about oneís fears of being envied, both of which can hold back success in love and creativity.

To contact Dr. Kavaler-Adler, please call 212-674-5425 or email DrKavalerAdler@gmail.com.

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***Over 35 years Experience in Psychoanalytic/ Psychodynamic/ Object Relations Psychotherapy with Individuals, Couples, and Groups, while utilizing unique approaches to working with: ***Depression, ***Anxiety & Fears, ***OCD, ***Loss, Grief, & Mourning, ***Self-Sabotage/ Abandonment & Separation, ***Guilt & Shame, ***Trauma & PTSD, ***Relationship & Betrayal Issues, ***Divorce/ Domestic Abuse & Violence, ***Dissociative Disorders, ***Elderly Persons Disorders, ***Gay Lesbian Issues, ***Parenting issues, ***Blocked Creativity, ***Spirituality, ***Personality Disorders & Borderline Personality. ***Supportive therapeutic groups: Self-Sabotage, Fear of Success, & Fear of Envy; Developmental Mourning; and Creative Healing Writing. *** Group supervision for Mental Health practitioners: Utilizing the Object Relations approach in therapy, and Envy issues in personal and professional life of therapists.***Additional modalities utilized: Guided Psychic Visualization, Creative Writing, Life Coaching, and Dance Therapy.

Contact Dr. Kavaler-Adler: call 212-674-5425 or email DrKavalerAdler@gmail.com


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