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Study Seminar on Projective Identification

10-week course - Please inquire!

           This course will combine readings and discussion with role-plays and psychic visualization to teach the multi-variable phenomena of projective identification in a powerfully focused clinical context.  The phenomena of projective-identification has been most profoundly validated in the most current and longitudinal studies of infant research, such as the research and writing of Beatrice Beebe.  Clinically, in America, Thomas Ogden has offered long term cases with vivid illustrations of the profound objective countertransference experience of projective identification, but of course, the original thinking about the healthy, narcissistic, and overall defensive aspects of projective-identification, - the defensive aspects being  so vividly and obviously displayed in borderline disorders, - stems back to the seminal writings of Melanie Klein.  

From the psychic fantasy of projective-identification - to the intersubjective phenomena of it, which began to meet our attention with Paula Heinman’s first paper on “countertransference” and Wilfred Bion’s ideas on the psychoanalyst as a psychic container (for those spit off parts of the patient that are deposited in the psyche, soma, sensations, emotions, and cognitions of the analyst, interacting quite selectively with the analyst’s feelings, fantasies, and thoughts), the phenomena of projective-identification is a guiding light to understanding all the critical work we do today with character disorders. 

Come into this course to come into the conversation, the transitional world dialogue that interacts with our internal world in psychic dialectic!  This course can help open doorways to a much deeper form of clinical work: clinical narratives of “transference-countertransference” dynamics begin in the internal world, where the child self and the pathologically attached parental objects do their enactment dances, demon lovers, and inner witches and goblins of all kinds!  See Racker, Kernberg, and Sandler on “role-reversal.”  Let’s see it all together during this ten week seminar!


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***Over 35 years Experience in Psychoanalytic/ Psychodynamic/ Object Relations Psychotherapy with Individuals, Couples, and Groups, while utilizing unique approaches to working with: ***Depression, ***Anxiety & Fears, ***OCD, ***Loss, Grief, & Mourning, ***Self-Sabotage/ Abandonment & Separation, ***Guilt & Shame, ***Trauma & PTSD, ***Relationship & Betrayal Issues, ***Divorce/ Domestic Abuse & Violence, ***Dissociative Disorders, ***Elderly Persons Disorders, ***Gay Lesbian Issues, ***Parenting issues, ***Blocked Creativity, ***Spirituality, ***Personality Disorders & Borderline Personality. ***Supportive therapeutic groups: Self-Sabotage, Fear of Success, & Fear of Envy; Developmental Mourning; and Creative Healing Writing. *** Group supervision for Mental Health practitioners: Utilizing the Object Relations approach in therapy, and Envy issues in personal and professional life of therapists.***Additional modalities utilized: Guided Psychic Visualization, Creative Writing, Life Coaching, and Dance Therapy.

Contact Dr. Kavaler-Adler: call 212-674-5425 or email DrKavalerAdler@gmail.com


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