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SELF SABOTAGE: The Ghost of Unconscious Loyalties


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    In this group, Dr. Kavaler-Adler will help participants to understand the underpinnings of self sabotage, fear of envy, and fear of success in both their patients and in themselves, by helping them to understand the unconscious loyalties that bind them to patterns of self sabotage.

    Participants of this group will have a unique opportunity to look into their internal world experiences during the psychic guided visualization. Participants will be encouraged to share their experiences and develop a group bond to aid each other in working with their fears and conflicts.

    Each session will begin with a guided psychic visualization. Those who share the dialogues from their internal worlds in the external world of the group will receive help to see how their internal conflicts around self sabotage, envy, and fears of success are inhibiting them on their journey through life.  Participants will be helped to experience the feelings and thoughts that may be blocked or unarticulated due to loyalties to early life attachments, and due to internalized identifications with inhibiting and envious figures from their past and present

The different affect states related to envy and retaliation against the self for ambitious strivings, which involve hostile and murderous impulses, will be defined when they are experienced in the group.  In this way, the work of letting go can proceed through reaching affect states of grief and loss that renew love, and thus renew the basic human capacity for connection that inspires the individual creative genius in each person. 


To contact Dr. Kavaler-Adler, please call 212-674-5425 or email DrKavalerAdler@gmail.com.

Office address: 115 East 9th Street, Suite 12P; NYC, 10003


***Over 35 years Experience in Psychoanalytic/ Psychodynamic/ Object Relations Psychotherapy with Individuals, Couples, and Groups, while utilizing unique approaches to working with: ***Depression, ***Anxiety & Fears, ***OCD, ***Loss, Grief, & Mourning, ***Self-Sabotage/ Abandonment & Separation, ***Guilt & Shame, ***Trauma & PTSD, ***Relationship & Betrayal Issues, ***Divorce/ Domestic Abuse & Violence, ***Dissociative Disorders, ***Elderly Persons Disorders, ***Gay Lesbian Issues, ***Parenting issues, ***Blocked Creativity, ***Spirituality, ***Personality Disorders & Borderline Personality. ***Supportive therapeutic groups: Self-Sabotage, Fear of Success, & Fear of Envy; Developmental Mourning; and Creative Healing Writing. *** Group supervision for Mental Health practitioners: Utilizing the Object Relations approach in therapy, and Envy issues in personal and professional life of therapists.***Additional modalities utilized: Guided Psychic Visualization, Creative Writing, Life Coaching, and Dance Therapy.

Contact Dr. Kavaler-Adler: call 212-674-5425 or email DrKavalerAdler@gmail.com


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