“Object Relations View” Educational Video Series

Introduction to the Object Relations Clinical Theory and Technique with Dr. Kavaler-Adler)

Projective Identification

Time as an Object


Fear of Success – Object Relations View

Mourning, Developmental vs. Pathological

Bad Objects and Loyalty to Bad Objects

Demon-lover Complex

ORI Conference Videos

Dialectics of Mortality and Immortality: Time as a Persecutory vs. a Holding Object

Psychoanalysis and Spirituality

Eroticised Demonic Object, the Demon Lover, Masud Khan, Date Rape, and Argentine Tango

Argentine Tango: 4th USA Tango Championship 2010

Selected pictures

Film, Television, and Radio Appearances

  • SURRENDER TANGO (documentary film by Marcia Rock, NYU Professor, 2006)

    Documentary title credit (inspired by the article Anatomy of Surrender in Reportango, 2001 and Dr. Kavaler-Adler’s work on the topic of surrender.

  • MNN/Channel 54 New York City – “The Mind’s Eye” (2000)

    Expert Guest, discussion on ‘Reflections on Public Mourning After the Death of Pope John Paul’.

  • CNN – Jesse Jackson Special on the Death of John F. Kennedy Jr. (1999)

    Expert Guest Panelist on major network, discussion on “mourning”

  • Joey Reynolds Radio Show (1999)

    3-hour live interview & call-in program on Kavaler-Adler’s book, The Creative Mystique

  • FOX News (1996)

    Expert Guest appearance, discussion on “Grief in Crime Victims”

  • WBAI Radio (1996)

    Interview on Kavaler-Adler’s book, The Creative Mystique

  • Delaware Radio Station (1993)

    Interview on Kavaler-Adler’s book, The Compulsion to Create