CUTV News Radio Spotlights Dr. Susan Kavaler-Adler

ORI Conferences

Psychoanalysis of Object Relations, Tango, and the Demon-Lover

Psychoanalysis and Spirituality - 2010 Annual Conference - Object Relations Institute NYC

Time as an Object - 2011 ORI Annual Conference - dedicated to Dr. Jeff Seinfeld

Self-Sabotage from Jungian, Kleinian, and Fairbairnian Perspectives

Countertransference, Regret, Aggression, and Their Vicissitudes

"Object Relations View" Educational Video Series

Introduction to the Object Relations Clinical Theory and Technique with Dr. Kavaler-Adler)

Projective Identification

Time as an Object


Fear of Success - Object Relations View

Mourning, Developmental vs. Pathological

Bad Objects and Loyalty to Bad Objects

Demon-lover Complex

ORI Conference Videos

Dialectics of Mortality and Immortality: Time as a Persecutory vs. a Holding Object

Psychoanalysis and Spirituality

Eroticised Demonic Object, the Demon Lover, Masud Khan, Date Rape, and Argentine Tango

Argentine Tango: 4th USA Tango Championship 2010