Addiction to Bad Objects and “Nightmares and Object Relations Theories”

15mar1:00 pm4:00 pmAddiction to Bad Objects and “Nightmares and Object Relations Theories”

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Spring 2015 ORI’s Open House and Interactive Lecture on 

Addiction to Bad Objects and “Nightmares and Object Relations Theories” 

will be held on Sunday, 3/15/15 (1-4 pm)

Location: 248 W 71st Street, NYC 10023

Everyone is welcome! Refreshments will be served. No fee, but RSVP is required!

In this spring 2015 Open House, Dr. Susan Kavaler-Adler, ORI’s founder and executive director, will offer a lecture related to the critical clinical phenomena of attachments to “bad objects.” Participants will enter the internal world of one’s psyche through the medium of patients’ nightmares, which acutely reflect the psychodynamic dramas related to addiction to “bad objects.”

Drawing upon one of her early papers, published as a book chapter in Dr. Henry Kellerman’s (Ed.) 1987 book, entitled “Nightmares and Object Relations Theory” (Columbia University Press), Dr. Kavaler-Adler will revisit how we find all the powerful internal world object relations dramas, which can become acutely alive in our nightmares.  In order to enrich the lecture and discussion, those who pre-register will be emailed a copy of this article/ book chapter.

Dr. Kavaler-Adler will also discuss the theories of Melanie Klein, Ronald Fairbairn, Donald W. Winnicott, and other British theorists, in relation to this haunting internal world that we all carry with us to more or less an extent. Those attending can become active participants in the discussion of the immediate “in vivo” clinical experience via a role-play demonstration, which will follow the lecture.

All inquiries about institute classes, programs, and requirements will be encouraged following the role-play.  For more information, please visit or contact ORI’s administrator by email to  (or call 646-522-0387 and leave a message; someone will call you back within 24 hrs).


Sunday, 3/15/15 (1-4 pm)